Baseball PRO

There is nothing that I love more than summer time. No school with all day to do fun things, especially PLAYING BASEBALL! Going up to the diamond with my friends is a blast! My favorite thing to do is SLIDE. My friends and I have contests to see who can kick up the biggest pile of dirt. The bad part is—Mom doesn’t like it when I come home “covered in mud.” I’m just glad we have Downs! That way, she can only be upset about me getting dirt on my clothes—not the carpet. I just tell her that the pros get dirt on their clothes, and I bet their Moms don’t yell at them about it. Right?

Ice Cream Scream

Apparently it is true that we all scream for ice cream… Mom sure did scream the other day when she saw mine falling off the cone. I think it was just never on there right to begin with—but Mom still seems to think it was my fault somehow. Anyway, it’s like she totally forgets we have Downs! But it’s like she says, bad habits are hard to break. And when she sees a big mess about to happen, she screams “Stevie, th…” Then she remembers that even I can’t stain the carpet. NOTHING can. It’s like, invincible.


Stevie's ice cream on a waffle cone.


Hot dogs are ALMOST a mess-proof food… They’re all magically held together inside the bun—you don’t even NEED a plate. At least I thought so until the other day, when the mustard on my hot dog spilled out all over me AND the carpet. I’m SO lucky because when I do make a mess, Downs has my back. And thank GOODNESS—otherwise Mom would never let me eat anything… let alone hot dogs.

Picture of hot dog that has just been dropped on white, Downs carpet. Fortunately, the mustard mess won't stain Downs.

(I had to snap this photo real quick before Mom saw me taking it!)


Summertime is sweet ’cause I get to play outside, in shorts, in the warm weather AND I get to eat all my favorite things: hot dogs, cheeseburgers, watermelon and POPSICLES.

Pink, orange and green popsicle on a white background.Popsicles might be one of the greatest inventions ever. I mean, who thought of that? It’s like ice cream on a stick. And if it’s the kind I like the best, it’s got bubble gum or something awesome in the center. The only thing I don’t like about popsicles is…. they melt. And yesterday, mine melted ALL OVER the carpet. I don’t even know what happened! I guess the popsicle just tasted so good that I didn’t even notice I was dripping it all around my feet. Mom caught me—like she always does, and she said “Stevie, popsicles are for the kitchen!” But I don’t know why… cause the drippy stuff came right off the Downs carpet. At least, that’s my story. And I’m sticking to it.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day means Dad gets to do whatever he wants… which is cool for me, ’cause I almost always want to do the same things he does! Today, Mom made us all breakfast, we gave him our Father’s Day gifts (I got him a #1 Dad hat), and then Dad and I got to watch all the sports we wanted in the living room! It was SWEET. Just me and Dad, hanging out… until Mike came in and knocked over my soda with his tail. Man was I scared! I thought Mom was going to kick me out of the living room, like she usually does whenever Mike does something bad and it gets blamed on me, but Dad came to my rescue. He said to my Mom, “It’s okay, right? We’ve got Downs! Besides it’s Father’s Day!” and she gave in. Stevie and Dad—and Downs—for the win!

Golden Retriever lying on couch, looking up at camera.

Mike felt bad after spilling my drink.

Flag Day Flop

Red, white and black markers.

The drawing tools.

So, yesterday was Flag Day, and mom gave me a project to do. I wasn’t very excited about it—it was like homework in the summer! But, she wanted me to draw an American Flag, so I did. AND I colored it in the living room, so I could catch all my favorite shows at the same time! Problem with that was, when I pulled the picture up off the carpet… you guessed it. There was red and blue marker EVERYWHERE. And, Mom walked in RIGHT THEN. She saw the mess, and before I could say anything she was back with a damp towel. It’s such a good thing we’ve got Downs… the marker stains came right up… and she really liked my flag.

School’s Out!

School’s out for the summer, and you know what that means, right? Biking and rollerblading and VIDEO GAMES and dirt forts and swimming and everything awesome! I’m so excited—but why does Mom seem so stressed?

Stevie's Mom with pursed lips, pointing her finger at the picture-taker.

What’s the deal, Mom?