Stevie Robot Malfunction

So today I had to bring something to school that “represents me” and like, the things I like and stuff. AND, worse than usual—we had to MAKE something so I couldn’t just bring in a toy or something cool to play with. Anyway, I thought I’d try to make a toy of sorts—a SWEET robot. You know, ’cause I’m really tough and cool. Like robots, duh! I got a couple cardboard boxes, some paper towel rolls, and I was all set to make my robot, but I realized it was just going to be brown and boring unless I colored it in. Since we didn’t have any shiny paint, I grabbed a couple of paint pens and went to work. I used silver and blue and green, and I was making a lot of progress on the green—the LAST color, when Mom came in and started yelling about the paint pen. I had NO idea what she was talking about til I looked down and saw that the blue pen was broken and leaking all over the carpet. Whoops. Mom got the carpet all cleaned up and it wasn’t stained or anything, because it’s Downs carpet. But I got a big long lecture and  totally missed my favorite show because of it. I don’t even know why! Downs never gets stained! I guess that’s what you get for doing your homework…


Two adult men; one wearing cardboard robot arms is chasing the other.

The inspiration for my robot!

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