What’s a Guy to Do?

A picture of chocolate pudding.

The perfect ingredient for August Fools pudding balloons!

The end of summer is getting close, and I’ve had a few really busy months. I’ve done pretty much EVERYTHING there is to do, so over the last couple of days, I’ve started making stuff up—like yesterday. My buddies and I decided that yesterday was “August Fools”—like April Fools, but in August. Get it? So we started planning lots of fun pranks. We put plastic wrap on the toilet seat, sugar in the salt shaker… and we made these SWEET pudding balloons. They were like water balloons, but we filled them with chocolate pudding. And THEN… we went to get our friend Nate. Needless to say, things got messy. We were all covered in pudding, so when I got home, I made sure to take my shoes off and roll up my pants. Problem was, my LITTLE SISTER left one of her toys out on the stairs, and I tripped! I didn’t get hurt, but I can’t say the same for the carpet. Fortunately, it’s Downs, which means Mom didn’t freak out when I told her I needed a wet towel…

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