Father’s Day

Father’s Day means Dad gets to do whatever he wants… which is cool for me, ’cause I almost always want to do the same things he does! Today, Mom made us all breakfast, we gave him our Father’s Day gifts (I got him a #1 Dad hat), and then Dad and I got to watch all the sports we wanted in the living room! It was SWEET. Just me and Dad, hanging out… until Mike came in and knocked over my soda with his tail. Man was I scared! I thought Mom was going to kick me out of the living room, like she usually does whenever Mike does something bad and it gets blamed on me, but Dad came to my rescue. He said to my Mom, “It’s okay, right? We’ve got Downs! Besides it’s Father’s Day!” and she gave in. Stevie and Dad—and Downs—for the win!

Golden Retriever lying on couch, looking up at camera.

Mike felt bad after spilling my drink.

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