Memorial Day Bummer

Memorial Day is usually super awesome, and do you know why? Cause the POOL opens! It was a little bit chilly, but I decided I wanted to go swimming anyway. And, since I wanted mom to let me go, I decided to take care of everything ahead of time—you know, to make it easy for her to say yes. I found my swim trunks, my towel AND a bottle of sunscreen. Problem was… when I went to put the sunscreen on, it was all clogged and I couldn’t get it to come out. So I squeezed REAL hard and BAM! All of a sudden, there was a huge mess of sunscreen all over my bedroom floor! You know—the carpet. The mess came up right away, cause it’s Downs. But Mom still wasn’t happy. And she told me I’d have to wait until next week to go swimming. UGH.


Fortunately, I found this cool picture of a horse in swimming gear to cheer me up a bit. It’s so funny!!

Horse with scuba flippers on, an inflated pool tube around its neck, and a pair of goggles with an attached snorkle on its head.


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