Memorial Day Bummer

Memorial Day is usually super awesome, and do you know why? Cause the POOL opens! It was a little bit chilly, but I decided I wanted to go swimming anyway. And, since I wanted mom to let me go, I decided to take care of everything ahead of time—you know, to make it easy for her to say yes. I found my swim trunks, my towel AND a bottle of sunscreen. Problem was… when I went to put the sunscreen on, it was all clogged and I couldn’t get it to come out. So I squeezed REAL hard and BAM! All of a sudden, there was a huge mess of sunscreen all over my bedroom floor! You know—the carpet. The mess came up right away, cause it’s Downs. But Mom still wasn’t happy. And she told me I’d have to wait until next week to go swimming. UGH.


Fortunately, I found this cool picture of a horse in swimming gear to cheer me up a bit. It’s so funny!!

Horse with scuba flippers on, an inflated pool tube around its neck, and a pair of goggles with an attached snorkle on its head.


Field Trip!

Friday we took a field trip to a local farm. So, it was LITERALLY a FIELD trip. Apparently, Sunday was “Pick Strawberries Day,” so that’s what we did. I picked a TON of strawberries. And, I got to bring a bunch of them home. I was eating them after school today while I was watching TV. They were really juicy, and well, I wasn’t really thinking and I wiped my hands on the carpet. I KNEW what Mom was going to say—”Stevie, you know better than that!” so I beat her to the punch. She was on the phone with my aunt while I snuck into the kitchen, grabbed some wet paper towels and wiped up the stain without her even noticing! It was so easy… and she walked right by it tonight and didn’t notice a thing. Stevie for the win!!!



Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day, and my mom’s pretty cool. So I thought I’d do something nice (and totally NOT messy) for her.

A funny-looking Chia Pet Stevie says looks like his mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I made her a homemade chia pet—and it totally looks just like her! What do you guys think? Anyway, in case she sees this post, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! You’re the best.

Cinco de Oh-No

Holy guacamole you should have SEEN the tacos my mom made for lunch today! They were SO good… and messy. Somehow, I forgot that when you bite into a taco, you’ve got to watch the other end. I made THE BIGGEST taco anybody’s EVER seen, and then I bit into it… only to hear my mom scream and come running from across the room. Unforunately, she was too late. The taco was all over my pants… and Downs doesn’t make pants. Guess I’m gonna keep learning that lesson the hard way—unless she makes burritos next time.

Messy tacos are the BEST!