Real Dirt Cups Are Real Dirty

Picture of Stevie's really dirty, blue high-top sneakers.

REALLY dirty sneakers... whoops.

Sunday was Earth Day and Mom was really cool and made my sister and I these sweet dirt cups with pudding and gummy worms to eat after we’d finished our lunch. So, yesterday, I thought it would be cool to make a REAL dirt cup—with real dirt and real worms. I wasn’t going to eat it obviously, I just think worms are kinda cool. I grabbed one of the empty plant holders from the garage and went digging for worms in the garden. I found A TON! It was really fun, and my real live dirt cup is sitting outside right now. It was all good until I came inside and tracked a bunch of dirt into the dining room. The Downs carpet was fine, of course. I knew it would be! But Mom has a big rug in the dining room too… and well, that’s another story. I wonder if Downs makes rugs too…

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