Cheeseburger Friday

I LOVE cheeseburgers. I also love pizza, spaghettiOs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, french fries, and cupcakes… but last night Mom made cheeseburgers and I was REALLY excited. I mean, it was Friday night. Cheeseburgers on a Friday night is pretty much the best thing ever. Until I tried to carry mine into the living room… See, there was this really awesome movie on TV and something was happening and I HAD to see it. I ran into the living room, tripped over Mike, my dog, and BAM! I fell flat on the floor, and my cheeseburger (which was loaded with ketchup and mayo and everything yummy) fell open-face on the floor. I was okay—and it turns out the carpet was okay too. Because it’s Downs! Thank goodness the cheeseburger didn’t stain… it would have been a really bad way to start the weekend. Instead, Mom told me to “SIT DOWN” and she gave me a new cheeseburger to eat. She’s pretty cool sometimes.

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