Egg Dye Near Disaster

A picture of the Easter Eggs Stevie and his Mom made.

The Easter Eggs turned out pretty neat!

It’s almost time for our annual Easter Egg Hunt. It’s so fun—all us kids run around trying to find the most eggs. Mom isn’t crazy about all the candy in the plastic eggs, so she cooks real ones and dyes them a bunch of funky colors. As it turns out, moms aren’t perfect either, and she spilled a bunch of egg dye in the kitchen. It was hilarious! But it wasn’t so funny when she realized that I had stepped in the dye… and was tracking it all over the house. She FLIPPED! But I told her—there’s no reason to worry. We’ve got Downs, hello! A little cold water and a towel took the dye right up… and saved the egg hunt for us all.

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