BBQ Chips are Big Time Messy, Too

After the Cheese Puff incident last December (I totally blogged about it, you can read it here) mom made a “No Cheese Puff” rule for my room. I thought that would be okay—cause I can still eat BBQ chips up there, right? WRONG. Apparently, BBQ chips are just as messy. I found that out ’cause I got a little excited last night (about the A+ I got on the essay I wrote for school) and I started throwing the BBQ chips up in the air and trying to catch them with my mouth. It was a celebration, ya know? I did pretty good… I ate a bunch of them without any hands at all! But apparently, the “pieces were all ground into the carpet.” At least, that’s what Mom said. I would have been in SERIOUS trouble if she didn’t have Downs. Luckily, she does, and I had the A+ essay paper to show her to get myself out of trouble. Woohoo! But she still made a “No BBQ Chips Either” rule for my room. Bummer.

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