Green Cupcake Goo

At school on Friday, we had a St. Patrick’s Day party and my friend Marty’s mom made the BEST green cupcakes. So yesterday, I thought I’d make some myself. I mean, it was ACTUALLY St. Patrick’s Day after all. I found directions on Google, and I did pretty good in the beginning: threw in about a football-size’s worth of flour, 6 or so eggs, lots of vegetable oil (which smelled really funny for some reason), EXTRA sugar and then a whole thing of green food coloring. It actually looked ok!

Stevie's green cupcake goo flying out of the blender.

Green cupcake goo flew everywhere!


But then I had to mix it up. I thought when it said BLEND that I was supposed to put it into the BLENDER. Well, it wouldn’t all fit, and when I hit the blend button, what DID fit in the blender flew EVERYWHERE. All over the walls, the kitchen windows (and the curtains) and all over me too! Mom was not happy. She said “Stevie, Downs doesn’t make curtains! From now on, keep your messes in the living room!” She used to say to keep them in the kitchen… is she for real?

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