My Dog Did It!

I love my dog Mike, but he thinks that EVERYTHING is a game and that he’s the best player. The other night, I set up this SWEET catapult contest in my bedroom … I made targets for the walls, gave each target a certain number of points, and whenever I hit one of the targets with the catapulted tennis ball, I got the number of points that went with that target to add to my total. Anyway, I was doing really well—I had 50,000 points—til Mike came upstairs. He thought we were playing a game of fetch. I TRIED to get him to sit down, but he was chasing the ball and wagging his tail all over—right into the bowl of ice cream that I had snuck up for dessert. I would have been in DOUBLE TROUBLE, but Mom’s got Downs carpet, so the ice cream didn’t stain the floor. I just got in trouble for having it in the first place…

Picture of the bowl of ice cream Stevie's dog Mike knocked onto the floor.

The ice cream spill — Mike's fault!

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