BBQ Chips are Big Time Messy, Too

After the Cheese Puff incident last December (I totally blogged about it, you can read it here) mom made a “No Cheese Puff” rule for my room. I thought that would be okay—cause I can still eat BBQ chips up there, right? WRONG. Apparently, BBQ chips are just as messy. I found that out ’cause I got a little excited last night (about the A+ I got on the essay I wrote for school) and I started throwing the BBQ chips up in the air and trying to catch them with my mouth. It was a celebration, ya know? I did pretty good… I ate a bunch of them without any hands at all! But apparently, the “pieces were all ground into the carpet.” At least, that’s what Mom said. I would have been in SERIOUS trouble if she didn’t have Downs. Luckily, she does, and I had the A+ essay paper to show her to get myself out of trouble. Woohoo! But she still made a “No BBQ Chips Either” rule for my room. Bummer.

Green Cupcake Goo

At school on Friday, we had a St. Patrick’s Day party and my friend Marty’s mom made the BEST green cupcakes. So yesterday, I thought I’d make some myself. I mean, it was ACTUALLY St. Patrick’s Day after all. I found directions on Google, and I did pretty good in the beginning: threw in about a football-size’s worth of flour, 6 or so eggs, lots of vegetable oil (which smelled really funny for some reason), EXTRA sugar and then a whole thing of green food coloring. It actually looked ok!

Stevie's green cupcake goo flying out of the blender.

Green cupcake goo flew everywhere!


But then I had to mix it up. I thought when it said BLEND that I was supposed to put it into the BLENDER. Well, it wouldn’t all fit, and when I hit the blend button, what DID fit in the blender flew EVERYWHERE. All over the walls, the kitchen windows (and the curtains) and all over me too! Mom was not happy. She said “Stevie, Downs doesn’t make curtains! From now on, keep your messes in the living room!” She used to say to keep them in the kitchen… is she for real?

I Guess Moms Do Know Best

Picture of Stevie's SpaghettiOs (and a piece of bread) that he spilled on the carpet.


On Saturday night, Mom told me I had to go to bed an hour early because of Daylight Savings Time, but I decided to stay up playing Nintendo DS in my bed instead. BOY was I tired on Sunday… I was so tired all day that Mom thought I was sick and she let me eat SpaghettiOs on the couch for dinner. That was pretty nice of her—but then, instead of eating my SpaghettiOs, I fell asleep right there! And I totally dropped the bowl all over the floor. We’ve got Downs carpet, so she wasn’t mad. She just tucked me into bed early… and no, I didn’t say anything about the Nintendo DS. Whoops.

My Dog Did It!

I love my dog Mike, but he thinks that EVERYTHING is a game and that he’s the best player. The other night, I set up this SWEET catapult contest in my bedroom … I made targets for the walls, gave each target a certain number of points, and whenever I hit one of the targets with the catapulted tennis ball, I got the number of points that went with that target to add to my total. Anyway, I was doing really well—I had 50,000 points—til Mike came upstairs. He thought we were playing a game of fetch. I TRIED to get him to sit down, but he was chasing the ball and wagging his tail all over—right into the bowl of ice cream that I had snuck up for dessert. I would have been in DOUBLE TROUBLE, but Mom’s got Downs carpet, so the ice cream didn’t stain the floor. I just got in trouble for having it in the first place…

Picture of the bowl of ice cream Stevie's dog Mike knocked onto the floor.

The ice cream spill — Mike's fault!