The Bake Sale

My soccer team is going to a really cool camp this summer, so the coach set up a bake sale. We all had to bring in a treat. Mine was cupcakes. Problem is, I kinda forgot to tell Mom I needed them until the night before. She had this book club or something to go to, so she said Dad and I were on our own. We thought, “No problem!” Well, we were wrong. We made them okay (Dad says the box stuff is the best), but the kitchen was a disaster! And I guess Mike must have stepped in some frosting because there were bright green pawprints all over the house. Somehow we got it all cleaned up before Mom got home. And when she saw the cupcakes, she was really proud of us.Image

Sisters Are Messy Too

I was in my room minding my own business when I heard my Mom yell my sister’s name. Of course I had to go see what was up – so I jumped up and ran to my parent’s room. There was my “cute” little sister sitting in the middle of a pile of Mom’s makeup. Lipstick, her face color, that weird wand thing she uses on her eyelashes… and all of it smashed into the floor. I helped Mom clean it up and it was all okay, but Mom made the “No Makeup Until You’re 30” rule for my sister. Guess Downs is good for sisters too.

Picture of Stevie's mom's foundation, spilled on the carpet.

This was only a SMALL part of the mess!

Valentine’s Day

Zombie valentine featuring a zombie with his arms outstretched and the words "I want your heart!" printed on it.I’m not into all the gushy, lovey-dovey stuff, but Valentine’s Day is still pretty cool. Mom and Dad gave us chocolate candy this morning, and I have the coolest Valentine’s Day cards to pass out at school. They have zombies on them! The guys think they’re super awesome. I don’t think the girls like them though. Girls never like the cool stuff.

The Big Game

A lovely picture of Stevie's Mom's cheese dip—before his Dad knocked it onto the floor!We were watching the game yesterday and Mom made the really good cheese dip I like. Then our team scored a touchdown and Dad and I jumped up and high-fived. Well, I guess Dad moved a little too fast because he bumped the coffee table and the dip went flying! It was pretty cool to watch actually, but we had to pause the game to clean up Dad’s mess. There was cheese everywhere, but my dog Mike helped by licking it off the wall and the TV. Mom shook her head, but brought us some towels and the carpet was just fine. I’m just glad it wasn’t ME this time! I guess Downs saves dads too.