Dressing Up Is No Fun

So my cousin got married last weekend and that meant dressing up and spending a lot of time listening to the wedding guy talk about love and all that gushy stuff. My cousin and her husband kissed! EW! At least I got to play with my cousins. We were busting out wicked breakdancing moves on the dance floor. It was the COOLEST! But I guess they don’t clean those floors very much. At the end of the night, I had black smudges all over my pants. Mom was NOT happy.

I asked her if Downs made pants, but she said no.Wedding cake with bride and groom cake topper.

Sam’s Party

My friend Sam is having his birthday party tomorrow night at the roller rink. Sweet! I have these awesome skates with green lightening bolts and everything. So I was practicing my moves when I plowed into the end table. Oops. The plant on the table tipped right on the floor! Mom gave me the look. You know – the “you know better” look? But I had to practice! Luckily, the dirt cleaned up quick, but Mom still made the “No Skates Inside” rule. Bummer!Stevie with a broken flower pot—the result of skating indoors. And tossing footballs too.

Sick Day

Today I stayed home sick from school, so Mom stayed home from work to take care of me. She brought me lots of juice and chicken soup, then she hung out in my room and we watched a movie. Moms are cool that way.

I’m a Star!

That’s right, people. You’re looking at me, Stevie, a web video star! Check out this video. It’s all about me and my dog, Mike. Hope you like it! (I think it’s way cool.)

A Sticky Mess

Did you know if you leave candy in the sun it will melt – even in the winter time? I didn’t. I’m still working on the candy I got over the holidays, and I was saving the best for last. A big chocolate reindeer! I had it over by the window, but I guess the sunshine was just too hot ’cause it melted through the wrapper and all over the floor. They should really do a better job wrapping those things. By the time I saw it, the chocolate was hard again. Mom wasn’t sure how to get it out of the carpet, so she went online. She found tips on the Flooring America website that told her exactly what to do. Way to save my life, Flooring America dudes!