Stevie jumping in front of his family's Christmas tree, which is surrounded by presents.


I guess I must have been pretty good this year – because I got a skateboard! Sick! I had to take it out right away. Guess I shoulda been paying more attention, ’cause I hit an ice patch and had a MAJOR crash. My leg was skinned pretty bad – through my jeans and everything! I only cried because Mom put that stingy stuff on me and Dad says everybody cries with that stuff. Later the bandage came off and I accidentally got some blood on the carpet. Oops! Mom didn’t get mad though. She was more worried about me than the carpet. She said Downs makes cleanup easy, so she’s not worried about stains. But now there’s a No Skateboarding Until Spring rule. Oh, and a No Trying Those Skateboarding Tricks You See On TV rule. Seriously, Mom?

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