Teachers Just Don’t Understand

So winter break started last week. But before we left, my teacher gave us a TON of homework. Hello! It’s called BREAK!  So my buddy Tyler came over today and we got to work. You know what goes good with homework? Cheese puffs. I didn’t want the orange stuff to get on my homework, so I wiped my hands on the carpet. Mom came in right when Tyler and I were trying to move my bed to hide the mess. She wasn’t happy, but she got the stain out. Now she says there’s a “No Cheese Puff” rule in my room. But she didn’t say anything about BBQ chips!

Picture of Stevie, eating handfuls of cheese puffs and getting cheese all over himself.

Cheese Puffs Go GREAT With Homework


Stevie jumping in front of his family's Christmas tree, which is surrounded by presents.


I guess I must have been pretty good this year – because I got a skateboard! Sick! I had to take it out right away. Guess I shoulda been paying more attention, ’cause I hit an ice patch and had a MAJOR crash. My leg was skinned pretty bad – through my jeans and everything! I only cried because Mom put that stingy stuff on me and Dad says everybody cries with that stuff. Later the bandage came off and I accidentally got some blood on the carpet. Oops! Mom didn’t get mad though. She was more worried about me than the carpet. She said Downs makes cleanup easy, so she’s not worried about stains. But now there’s a No Skateboarding Until Spring rule. Oh, and a No Trying Those Skateboarding Tricks You See On TV rule. Seriously, Mom?

It Snowed!

Picture of the snow outside Stevie's house.

Snow Day! Look at the neighbor kids. LOL.

Hi Cyber Fans! Today was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! No school because it snowed. Woot woot! So the guys and I went sledding, but the snow was wet and it just turned into mud. So instead of snowballs, we had a mud fight. Sweet! Then I came home for dinner and tonight is meatloaf night. Yuck. Mom was able to get the mud from my boots off of the carpet. But she’s pretty mad that I sat on the dining room chair without changing my clothes. Dining rooms are dumb. I hope it snows tomorrow!


Photo of Stevie's juice, spilled on his mom's brand new Downs carpet.Maybe Mom was right. Last night I was watching a movie on TV. There was a kid lying in his bed in the dark and all of a sudden a MONSTER flew out of the closet. I totally wasn’t scared… but I sorta jumped a little and spilled my red drink on the carpet. You know – the new carpet? Mom freaked for a little while, but she calmed down when the spill came right out. Whoever made that Downs carpet sure did a good job. I bet it was a scientist. Maybe a MAD scientist. Cool!

My New Blog!

A picture of me, Stevie!

So my mom said I could start a blog. AWESOME! I think she’s hoping this will keep me busy in front of the computer and away from the living room and her new carpet. C’mon, Mom, it’s just carpet. And you SAID it was Downs so we don’t have to worry!